Permanent Eyeliner

permament makeup eyeliner

Our permanent eyeliner is a must-have for anyone who wishes to define their eyes without a daily hassle.

Applying upper and lower eyeliner adds depth and definition to the eyes, and a permanent treatment is simple and effective. We apply a soft natural colour between the lash line the lashes so that lashes appear fuller, eyes more defined and you do not have to worry about smudging, running or wearing off.

We also specialise in eyelash enhancements, fine eyeliner and ultra thick eyeliner with a latino flick. For further price details visit our price list page.

At a glance

Treatments needed



from £310

Treatment time

1-2 hrs

Recovery time

Up to 7 days

Back to work


How long it lasts
1-3 Years

What to expect

We begin by building the pigment from between the eyelash line to give the illusion of thicker darker lashes, from here the eyeliner is made thicker depending on personal preference. The aim of the eyeliner treatment is to create a smooth flawless, smudge-proof line that will last between one and three years before a colour boost is needed. Treatments range from a discrete eyelash definer to a bold Latino flick.

See pricing for fine and thick eyeliner treatments and options available here.

We recommend maintenance of an annual colour boost every 12 to 18 months.

Before & After


Who is it for?

This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

It's perfect for active lifestyles and for anyone with allergies or contact lens wearers.


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