price list

Microblading *
Superfine individual hair simulation created using a hand tool
3D Hairstroke*
Eyebrows Individual hair simulation created using machine method
Ombre’ / Powder Brow *
A mist of colour
Combination Brow *
Hair stroke simulation combined with a mist of colour to create more of a defined looking brow than just hairstrokes alone
Colouboost treatment
1 session within 18 months
Additonal treatment
within 12 weeks of complimentary refill treatment
Lash definer/ Enhancement*
A discreet lash liner applied to give the appearance of thicker lashes
Fine eyeliner*
(top only) A more than discreet eyeliner to define and enhance the eyes
Fine Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)*
Thick eyeliner *
Stay put, smudge proof eyeliner finished with a gentle flick
Colouboost treatment
1 session within 18 months
Nouveau LVL Lash Lift
Lash lift and lengthening treatment with tint treatment time is 60 minutes, results last 6-8 weeks
Naturel Lip Contour*
Discreetly redefines the natural lip line
Lip Contour with Blush*
Discreetly redefines the naturel lip line
Colouboost treatment
1 session within 18 months
Scar Camouflage
Pigments carefully blended with your skin tone to diminish the appearance of scars- From
Vitiligo re pigmentation
infusing custom blended pigments into the skin to minimize the appearance of Vitiligo- From
Areola reconstruction
Treatments can reconstruct the nipple and areola after operation such as mastectomy, uplift or reduction – From
Removal and correction
Removal and correction of old Permanent make up
Sensuous Beauty Mark
15 minute complimentary consultation to discuss treatment plan – n/a
Full Consultation
A full consultation including a colour match and template design
1 hour- £50
Individual Eyelash Extensions
Mink Synthetic or Super Soft Flat Base
Russian Volume
Individual Eyelash Extensions
Refill, 1hour 15 minutes
Russian Volume
Refill, 1 hour 30 minutes


-Payment plans available (three split payments), contact us for further information.

-Prices are subject to changes, and further changes may be applicable to corrective work (i.e correction of another technicians work)

-Initial treatment price (permanent make up only exlcuding beauty spot) includes consultation, two treatments (including complimentary refill appointment ) and aftercare.

-All treatments marked with * prices include a complimentary touch up which must be taken within 4-8 weeks from the initial treatment date and consist of 1 treatment. If scheduled after this date touch up fees will apply.

-A deposit of £50 per permanent make up procedure will be required to secure an appointment with the consultant, which can be redeemed against the treatment.

-Deposits are non refundable unless the client is seen unsuitable for the treatment.

-A consultation and patch test is required for all new clients. A Patch test is also required for Eyelash extensions.

-All prices are inclusive of VAT.

-Terms and conditions apply. Price for permanent make up treatments include one complimentary refill within six weeks of initial treatment after which further treatments will be priced accordingly. Price for medical treatments are per session. £50 deposit required for booking (redeemable against treatment) and a 48 hour cancelation policy applies.

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