Number of treatments needed: 2
Price: from £395
Treatment time: 2hrs- 2.5hrs
Longevity of treatment: 2-3 years
Maintenance: 12 -18 month colour boost
Healing time: up to 7 days
Back to work: immediately
Best for: All skin types

You can choose between Lip Contour or a full Lip Blush to give you fuller and more defined lips. We will carefully blend pigments with your natural lip colour so your tailored colour complements your skin tone.

Lip Contour
As we age, our lips lose colour making them appear not as full as they may have once been, this treatment will aim at defining the border and cupids bow with colour which will result in creating a more defined lips.

Lip Contour with Blush
A very popular treatment which include redefining the lip border and adding a tailor made colour to the lip. Colours can very from a subtle lip stain to a bolder colour of choice, this treatment has also been known to promote collagen within the tissue, the end result will be fuller more youthful lips.


Does the treatment hurt?

I use topical anaesthetics throughout the treatment to numb the area to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the treatment and that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

Providing that there are no medical contraindications anyone over the age of 18 can have permanent make up. Before your treatment date you will receive medical forms to complete. A patch test is also required to ensure there are no adverse reactions to the pigment and anaesthetic used during the treatment. I ensure a full consultation is always carried out before the treatments begins.

Is Permanent make up PERMANENT?

The pigment used is designed to breakdown in the skin over time. The treatment can last several years but this is dependent on skin tone, skin type, sun exposure, lifestyle and medication. With this in mind, I recommend an Colourboost 12-18 months after your initial treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatments vary in length, from start to finish I recommend 120 minutes is set aside for new clients. A colourboost treatment normally takes around 90 minutes – 120 minutes.
Timings are as follows; pre-numbing of the area: 20 minutes
Template design with client approval: 20 minutes
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Please always ensure you allow enough time for your treatment and aim to arrive 10 minutes earlier.

What can I expect BEFORE the treatment?

I will ensure you are fully prepared for your treatment by supplying pre-treatment instructions, which will include advice on timings of tinting, waxing etc. prior to treatment. The pre-treatment advice and aftercare instructions will be included in your welcome pack/sensitivity test kit on booking your treatment.

What can I expect AFTER the treatment?

Following your treatment you may experience some pinkness of the skin and mild swelling. Around day 4 there may be some gentle exfoliation of the skin. This reaction can be minimised by following the aftercare advice and applying the healing ointment. Immediately after the treatment the pigment will appear darker due to the pigment oxidising in the skin. Once the healing process takes place the treated area will lighten in colour by up to 60%. I recommend all clients to return for the complimentary refill appointment 6 weeks after the initial treatment, which allows me to fine tune your permanent make up results.

What qualifications do you have?

With a background in fine art and design and a critical eye for perfection branching into permanent cosmetics felt like a natural step for me.
I was careful with choosing the correct training academy and opted for the best academy within the UK- Natural Enhancements. I have since trained with renowned trainers from around the world and attended conferences to further enhance my skills. I hold qualifications in advanced techniques for brows, eyeliner and lips in addition to Microblading. I am also proud to be able offer life changing treatments in the form of Medical Micropigmentation to clients.

To enable me to offer my clients the best possible advice on treatments I am proud to have gained a level 2 skincare and level 3 facial electrical qualification. These qualifications combined with Dermapen (microneedling), body piercing and additional eyelash and brows treatments ensures you are under trusted care.

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