Laser Tattoo And Permanent Make Up Removal

Medical grade treatments

Our medical grade, IPL and laser machine is clinically proven and targets a range of skin concerns - including acne, rosacea and thread veins (also known as vascular therapy), pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

At a glance

Treatments needed

1-3 for Permanent make up

4-10 for Tattoo removal



£70 per session for Permanent make up removal

from £50 per session for Tattoo removal

Treatment time

10-20 minutes depending on the area treated

Recovery time

Mild tenderness for 7 days

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How long it lasts
Permanent results

Who is it for?

Laser tattoo removal is suitable for most skin tones, including lighter and medium to dark skin tones. While individuals with lighter skin may experience faster and more noticeable results, the procedure is still highly effective for those with medium to dark skin tones. It's important to note that tattoos are not limited to black ink anymore.

What to expect

After undergoing laser tattoo removal, it is common to experience some side effects such as redness, swelling, mild blistering, itching, and raised areas. In the initial stages, the treated skin may be sensitive and tender. These reactions typically subside within a span of two weeks.

In the days following the procedure, the treated area may appear red, puffy, and itchy for approximately one week. However, many individuals report feeling fine and are able to carry on with their daily activities without any disruption caused by the laser treatment.

Immediately after the laser removal, the tattooed skin may have a frosted or powdery appearance. This is a natural reaction that occurs as the skin releases carbon dioxide. This effect usually lasts for up to an hour. If it persists beyond that timeframe, it is advisable to contact your specialist.

As the body continues to adapt to the laser treatment, the appearance of the treated area may change after the first day of recovery. It is important to communicate any concerns or worries to your laser technician to ensure your peace of mind.

During the initial week of recovery, the body gradually eliminates and digests the tattoo ink while the skin undergoes the healing process. It is normal for the treated area to remain red and swollen during this period.

This process continues with each subsequent laser session until the tattoo is completely removed.

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Your consultation will include a patch test to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.


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