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Microblading is one of the newest and most popular permanent make up techniques.

It's taking the industry by storm mainly due to being able to restore sparse brows with feathery realistic hair strokes. Microblading involves using a sterile pen-like device with a disposable micro needle in the shape of a ‘blade’ which deposits high grade pigment into the upper dermal layers of the skin. These fine, delicate hair strokes can achieve a look that also blends perfectly with your natural brow hair. The delicately placed lines flow in the same direction as the hairs of the natural eyebrows, which creates the most natural results and lasts up to three years.

At a glance

Treatments needed



from £365

Treatment time

2 hr

Recovery time

Up to 7 days

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How long it lasts
1-3 Years

Who is it for?

If you have little, no hair or require the look of more defined eyebrows, we would recommend our popular hair stroke treatment. This recreates your eyebrows with thin hair strokes to produce long-lasting natural results.

Microblading is suitable for a wide range of people:

  • those looking to enhance their appearance
  • those with extremely fair brows
  • those with little or no hair such as alopecia sufferers
  • a manual microblading treatment is best for dry to normal skin type
  • for more oily skin we recommend  using a digital machine with a disposable ‘nano-needle' for ultra fine strokes


What to expect

As with all treatments, the first step will be a consultation. We will discuss your current brow shape and what you are looking to achieve. Then with conventional cosmetics we will design your ideal shape by drawing a template onto your brows. The template can be altered until you are satisfied with the design and colour.

We recommend maintenance every 12-18 months with annual colour-boost.

Before & After


Topical anaesthetics are used throughout the treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum.

Providing that there are no medical contraindications anyone over the age of 18 can have Permanent Cosmetics. Before your treatment date you will receive medical forms to complete, if you do have any medical concerns it is best you inform us before your treatment.

A patch test is also required to ensure there are no adverse reactions to the pigment and anaesthetic used during the treatment.

We ensure a full consultation is always carried out before the treatments begins.

The pigment used is designed to breakdown in the skin over time. The treatment can last several years, but this is dependent on skin tone, skin type, sun exposure, lifestyle and medication. With this in mind, I recommend an colourboost 12-18 months after your initial treatment.

Treatments vary in length. From start to finish I recommend 120 minutes is set aside for new clients. A colourboost treatment normally takes around 90 minutes – 120 minutes.

Timings are as follows:

  • pre-numbing of the area: 20 minutes
  • template design with client approval: 20 minutes
  • treatment time: 60 minutes.

Please always ensure you allow enough time for your treatment and aim to arrive 10 minutes earlier.

I will ensure you are fully prepared for your treatment by supplying pre-treatment instructions, which will include advice on timings of tinting, waxing etc. prior to treatment.  The pre-treatment advice and aftercare instructions will be included in your welcome pack/sensitivity test kit on booking your treatment.

Following your treatment you may experience some pinkness of the skin and mild swelling. Around Day 4 there may be some gentle exfoliation of the skin. This reaction can be minimised by following the aftercare advice and applying the healing ointment. Immediately after the treatment the pigment will appear darker due to the pigment oxidising in the skin.

Once the healing process takes place the treated area will lighten in colour by up to 60%. I recommend all clients to return for the complimentary refill appointment 6 weeks after the initial treatment, which allows me to fine tune your permanent make up results.

Who doesn't want to look their best throughout the day no matter what you do?

Swimming? Gym? Short of time? No problem! Permanent Make up is designed to enhance your natural features without invasive surgery. This revolutionary treatment is designed to define brows, eyes and lips without the effort of time consuming make up rituals. Perfectly Applied by professionals, staying perfectly in place for months at a time.


The manufacturer of the Cosmedic (R) pigment range has acquired over 13 years of clinical and pharmacological experience in the production of pigments. The pigment series meets all the requirements of the European Resolution ResAP, which govern the use of tattoo and micro-pigmentation pigments in Europe.

Pigments have been manufactured with clients’ safety in mind.

Ingredients that are known for inducing skin intolerance, photo-sensitivity or triggering allergies have been avoided. We can therefore guarantee a product that is sterile and exhibits perfect traceability.

In addition to the above, needles are only used once and are disposed of safely immediately after each procedure.

Preparation and openness is the key to a successful result

We always take great care to discuss treatments clearly. Our goal is to achieve the look you desire and enhance your facial features only as you like. It is also important that you have an good idea of what you want to achieve.

We take time to discuss the look within an initial consultation. Then we create a visual template of the look. Once you are happy and give your agreement, then we will proceed with the treatment.

Your happiness is essential to us and there is no pressure at any point to 'go further' than you want.  We also offer a follow up each appointment a month after the initial enhancement so that we can pay particular attention to fine detail and ensure you are completely satisfied with the result.

High quality and safe

At Perfectly Applied we use the most advanced and latest equipment. Biotek permanent cosmetics brand is synonymous with quality. Like medical equipment, our equipment is designed to be safe against cross contamination and fully disposable 'single use only' applicator cartridges are used for your complete safety and peace of mind.

All equipment complies with Health and Safety requirements. Our premises are fully licensed by the local authority and so are we!

Price includes a complimentary refill session

The refill treatment within eight weeks of initial treatment will allow us to fine tune your microblading to ensure the best result has been achieved.


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