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Proven enhancing skin rejuvenation

Our microneedling device uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin and create thousands of micro-injuries.  These encourage and harness the power of the body's innate ability to re-grow and repair the itself naturally.

Microneedling has been proven to enhance skin rejuvenation and is far safer for the patients with faster recovery then other traditional skin treatments.

At a glance

Treatments needed



from £160

Treatment time

1 hr

Back to work

a few hours - up to 3 days - depending on the intensity of the treatment

How long it lasts
depends on your requirements
Maintenance treatment

depends on your requirements

Benefits of Microneedling

The automatic vibrating function of the Microneedling pen increases the effectiveness of skin treatments, as it aids and increases the absorption of skin products, whilst reducing pain and discomfort.

Microneedling is just as effective as ablative treatments such as Fraxel, IPL, Laser Resurfacing, and Chemical Peels.

The most amazing benefit is that Microneedling cost is a fraction of the leading alternatives.

Before & After


The Dermapen is taken over the area of skin to be treated, and tiny needles cause minute punctures to the skin. These small punctures stimulate the body’s inherent healing response, which naturally rejuvenates the skin.

It is recommended on average to receive 3-6 sessions with the Dermapen. Please contact us for an initial consultation to get your personal assessment.

You should experience an overall rejuvenation of the skin treated. This can show up as a decrease in wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, as well as an increase in overall skin elasticity.

You may experience temporary redness and swelling in the area that was treated, this will go down after a few hours, or at most a few days.

One of the Dermapen benefits is the increased comfort compared to older methods of micro-needling, and so you should feel only minimal discomfort. If you are worried about any pain, just ask and we will be able to advise you on the best way to manage it.

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