Scar camouflage and Vitiligo

Our perfectly applied scar camouflage treatment can improve the appearance and irregular texture of scarring.
Using a customized blend of colours and the highest-quality equipment, pigment is carefully infused into the skin by our advance technician Jessica Amanda, to gently blend the scar tissue into disguise.
To benefit from this treatment must be:
At least 1 year old
Not show redness
Paler than the surrounding skin
Not noticeably sunken

Additional information

What will happen during my consultation?
Jessica Amanda will carefully analyse your scarring to see if you are suitable for the treatment. A bespoke pigment mix will then be matched to your skin colouration and may need to out carry out 1 or 2 microscopic ‘colour-match’ tests in your scar. These test areas develop over a month giving a realistic impression of how the scar will look long-term. This ensures that the correct colours are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you want.

How long will treatment take?
Each treatment session takes about 1 hour and typically multiple sessions are required.
What will happen during my treatment?
Multiple blends of pigment are mixed to recreate the clients unique skin colour to look as naturel as possible.

If there anything that needs to be followed before the treatment begins?
The skin cannot be worked on if tanned at the time of treatment this is because the blend of pigments needs to be matched back to your naturel skin colour, if treated when tanned your scar could potentially look darker then the naturel skin colour when the tan eventually fades.

This is because the ‘prescriptive’ skin-shade pigments need to be blended to match your natural skin colour. If your tan fades, you’ll end up with a mismatch and your treated scar will look darker than the surrounding skin.

What about after treatment?
It’s important to keep sun exposure to a minimum and wear high factor protection to ensure best results.

Will it be painful?
If your scarring has sensation, numbing agents are applied. Our clients describe the discomfort as no more than about 2 out of 10, it is our priority to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

Is there any downtime?
It is normal for the area around the treatment site to be slightly red for 72 hours, you will be instructed on how to care for the area.

Do you provide aftercare?
Yes- you will be given a detailed instruction leaflet and

Vitiligo treatments
Vitiligo, a skin autoimmune skin condition which causes the skin to lose pigment.
Our treatment plan for Vitiligo restores the natural skin colour by infusing a custom made blend of pigments into the de-pigmented areas of the skin. We work with multiple blends of pigment to create optimum results.
We are able to treat Vitiligo as long as the area as been stable for 3 years or more for the most effective results.

Additional information

What will happen during the consultation?
Jessica Amanda analyse your skin colouring and may need to out carry out 1-2 small ‘colour-match’ tests on the vitiligo site. The test areas are then left for a month to see how the colour heals this will give an indicator on how the skin will look long term and help Jessica to establish the best treatment plan.

What happens during the treatment?
State of the art equipment is used to infuse the selected medical grade pigment into the skin.

How long is the treatment time?
Each treatment session takes about 1 hour, normally multiple sessions are needed for optimum results.

Is there discomfort with this treatment?
Numbing agents are used before and during the treatment. Clients typically described the discomfort as 3 out of 10.